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GURPS Shadowrun 2050

Why? Oh, why?

Why Shadowrun? Well, I happen to like it. At least the bit around 2050 to, say, around 2058. It's a nice setting, mixing classic cyberpunk with fantasy, which offers a myriad of possibilities. This hopefully also answers the “Why 2050?” question, but there's also the fact that cyberware, etc. is still more limited in 2050, so less work to convert ;-)

Why GURPS? Similar. I like the system a lot. And it's basically built to be used for various settings. So why not?



Species (points) Template
Human (0)
Ork (?)
Elf (?)
Dwarf (?)
Troll (?)


If you ask me, Shadowrun is and should still be a Cyberpunk setting and thus “Chrome” (aka Cyberware) should be around quite a lot. This is why I will assume for this conversion, that Cyberware is ubiquitously present, readily available and - kind of - affordable: Many want it, many have it, sometimes second hand, sometimes of questionable quality, but in total, obvious Cyberware usage is (almost) at it's peak. I will assume that “typical” cyberware is somewhat affordable and getting it installed of a routine thing. Bioware and cutting edge cyberware, as well as more military oriented cyberware, is of course much less easily obtainable.

In GURPS Shadowrun 2050, Cyberware will be handled via the usual Advantages/Powers, which are bought normally via CP. It is recommended, that the CP includes all monetary costs for the cyberware as well as for the installation - this can be justified by “saved money” or “favors”, but of course, any GM can add a monetary price tag in addition to that. Getting the cyberware can of course be difficult, depending on the type: Sometimes it's just “Go into the mall and have it installed” (for anything legal), sometimes it might be an adventure in itself (for illegal, military or simply rare stuff) - or anything in between, often that's what fixers are for. Every group is free to adjust the amount of actual playtime used for these things, since it depends on a lot of factors.

Limits can be used to reduce point costs normally. In addition to that, installation of new cyberware can be a justification for gaining new disadvantages, which may further reduce point costs, to reflect problems occurring from the cyberware (mentally, physically, socially, magically).

All of this might lead to some cyberware implants, for example prosthetic limbs, without further enhancements, being basically “free” (or are even worth points). This is totally ok, since we want cyberware to be around outside of 200+ point characters.

I couldn't resist tweaking the descriptions of some cyberware parts a big, feel free to ignore this in your group. All point costs are basically suggestions.

Cyberware (points) Description
Chipjack Modular Abilities [chip slot, mental skills only, -50%)]
Skillwires Modular Abilities [chip slot, skills only, -10%)]
Datajack (5) Various advantages when using suitable tech, normally a +1 bonus (+2 on computers)
Smartgun link (1 / 3) 1 pts with Datajack, 3 without - required for using a smartgun, removed the need to ready a smartgun
Cortex bomb if timed, use “terminally ill”, if used for blackmail, etc. use “Duty, involuntary”


Decking is one of the harder things in Shadowrun, gamestyle-wise. Put too much into it and you will always have a character doing an almost separate adventure from the rest of the group. Too little and a decker is not much worth playing.

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